Idea of Love (Digital Download)


Idea of Love (Digital Download)


Manny's debut album is about finding your way through a transition of life while searching for and realizing unconditional spiritual love.

1. A Traveller's Harvest (So Serene)
2. Westward
3. Believe Me When I Say
4. Awaiting Peace
5. Down on the Dock (Under the Stars)
6. Step Into the Light
7. Ophelia Moon
8. Idea of Love
9. Dance for Love Divine
10. Step Into the Light (Reprise)

Released June 23, 2017

Written, composed, arranged, produced & engineered by Manny Goossen
Mixed by Elessar Thiessen
Mastered by Jordan Jackiew

Watercolour painting by Rachel Goossen
Graphic design by Jessica Goossen

© 2017 Manny Goossen Music

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