Say It's Summertime, Mr. Jams


If I'm to own this space on the internet, I may as well use it. It's been some time since I've talked about my music and what I'm doing with it. The truth is, I've started a new job and am busy settling into it. This also means that music is taking a bit of a backseat (not fun).

It's been just over a year since I released my debut album Idea of Love and already four months since my Life as it is EP. These days, I'm looking into collaborating more with other artists for different projects, so know I'll be getting back at it soon.

In the spirit of collaboration, I created a collaborative summer playlist on Spotify. Feel free to give it a listen and add your favourite summer jams to it. I've started it off with some 2018 jams I've been digging so far. 

"Jams," hmm, "Mr. Jams," hmm, "It's Summer, Mr. Jams." You may be wondering about the odd title. It spawns from an England trip my brother, cousin and I went on in the spring of 2016. Leicester City won the Premier League that season (at 5000/1 odds) so we made sure to be at the celebration parade when we were in England. Around 300,000 supporters (Leicester's entire population) flooded the streets to celebrate. We made our way to Victoria Park, where the parade ended, and took in the party. A local DJ emceed the festival and kept things rolling with supposedly popular English beats (don't ask me). Whenever he'd hype the crowd up, he'd ask for more energy by saying, "Say yes, Mr. Jams," in his obviously silky British accent. DJ Mr. Jams's saying stuck for my brother, cousin and I, and the rest is history.

Anyway, happy summer! Enjoy this summertime playlist and check out my Dearest Streams of 2018 playlist too. Hope your summer provides you with hot days, refreshing patio drinks, meaningful hangouts, relaxing trips out to the lake (/whatever body of water you're near), and hearty BBQs.

Cheers as always.

Much love,
- MG