About Manny

Why do you feel the need to share or defend the music you love? It’s because it becomes
a part of you with every listen. It’s that playlist you danced to every second of your last road trip with your best friends. It’s that album you shared with your loved one because it embodies the memory of your first kiss. Music is an extension of the soul and may be the most genuine form of expression.

Manny Goossen listens to the music he loves on repeat. His favourite artists (Dawes, Jars of Clay, Manchester OrchestraRhye, and The National to name a few) inspire him to write vulnerable songs that capture the same hair-raising emotions he feels when listening to them.

Manny blends electronic soundscapes with classical piano melodies and his soaring falsetto. The result is an ethereal, electro-soul feeling.

During the cold Winnipeg winters, Manny spends most of his time playing, improvising, and composing on his family’s out-of-tune yet charming, warm upright piano. 

Manny can’t say he enjoyed all of his piano lessons growing up (let alone thought they’d do him some good down the road), but he realizes their impact. Sitting at the piano has become a celebratory outlet in times of joy and a healing outlet in times of sorrow. 

In 2015, Manny wrote a pulsating perpetual canon, “Step Into the Light.” It placed as a top-10 finalist for Manitoba in CBC Music’s Searchlight competition. The song’s positive reception propelled Manny to record his original piano-driven compositions. 

Manny released his debut album Idea of Love in 2017. It’s about finding your way through a transition of life while searching for and realizing unconditional love.

In early 2018, Manny released his follow-up EP Life as it is: a soulful reflection on the hidden yearning to rid yourself of today’s digital influence and the inherent pull to find a purpose for your life. 

Today, Manny’s fascination with recording techniques combined with his ‘listening-to-new-music’ addiction drives him to continue to explore experimental sounds and compose extraordinary tunes.

You can find Manny praising his favourite albums on Twitter, and if you’re into backpacking, follow his and his friends’ latest travel destinations on Instagram through his communal #mannytravelpose.